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Pilotos en TS3

Como usar el P-40 (Ingles)

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Como usar el P-40 (Ingles)

Mensaje  Kraken el Miér Nov 10 2010, 13:40

-Pura gloria ese avion.

-Me lo pele de por ahi ajjajaja pero ta weno.

My personal favorite ride is the P-40, I've "flown" it since before Il2 came out. I'm currently got the most kills on the server with the P-40M and H81 and I'm in the top ten on all the P-40 variants. So I want to share a bit of what I know, hopefully some others will chime in with their own 'secrets' on other types.

P-40 General Guidelines
The P-40 has a bad reputation in a lot of aviation books due to it's engine being anemic above 16,000 feet, which caused it not to be used in Northern Europe. But in Il2 most of the fighting is low level, as it often was in many theaters where the P-40 was used historically, particularly CBI, MTO, Russian Front. In Il2 the P-40 is a very good fighter if you know how to use it.

P-40s carry a lot of gas compared to say, Spitfires, Me 109s or Yak 1s. Because in the scenarios the enemy bases are never more than a few kilometers away, you do not need a full tank of gas. Historically you'd have used up half of your fuel flying to the target area in most cases. Anyway online you never want to take off in a P-40 with more than 25% gas, unless it's a co-op mission with a very long flight. With 25% fuel handling is better and you are a lot less likely to spin-out, and that is plenty of fuel, I've never run out of gas unless I was hit and had a fuel leak.

You can run the engine at 98% power almost all day. You don't have boost but can fly at 110% for about 5 or 10 minutes. Conserve this, don't fly flat out becuase then you'll have no reserve to rely on. The good news is you can cool your engine quickly, usually in a few seconds by flying at 80% power when it overheats. I manage my engine by chopping power when I don't need it such as when turning nose-down.

Use combat flaps setting for climbing, and for the initial few seconds of all turns. This will vastly improve your instantaneous turn rate. You can go to takeoff or even landing settings for a few moments in critical situations, but your flaps will lock if you deploy them going too fast, and generally more than Combat Flaps setting is a bad idea. The best way to use your flaps is in the initial part of a turn, flaps on the P-40 cut your speed dramatically, so raise them when you are levelling out to preserve your E.

The P-40's achilles heel is it's climb rate, and one of it's greatest strengths is it's dive. It's initial climb is slow so use combat flaps while grabbing - but try not to let your speed go below 200 kph even in the initial climb-up, because the P-40 is very sluggish going slow. As a general rule try not to get into fights below 1000 meters, unless you have an advantage and don't see other enemy planes around. if you are caught by a higher plane, don't panic, don't get roped trying to climb, keep your speed above 240 kph.

Use the Split S. You are better off diving away with a Split-S that will give you "power of maneuver" to change direction with your excellent roll rate and pull away with your superior turn... and you can also zoom-climb after and recover your E. Using this method it's easy to avoid a BnZ enemy if you can see them coming. I've had running fights with pairs of Fw 190s this way lasting ten minutes and ended up getting the upper hand when they finally bled off their E.

The P-40 is one of the fastest diving planes in the game. I've been over 700 kph without breaking up. More important, you can still roll and turn while going fast (but watch out for black-outs) Diving +fast roll+ good turning = escape from a bad situation= living to come back and fight again. Add the good zoom climb to that and you have a dangerous bird.

The P-40 has one of the best turn rates in the Allied arsenal and a very good roll rate, but always keep your speed up as much as possible for turning. Don't be afraid to bank turn but try to stay above 220 kph if possible because the P-40 is very sluggish on the controls at low speed, but unlike a lot of planes it generally handles better the faster it is going (to a point).
You can use this to your advantage. Do nose-down vertical turns to gain maneuvering advantage and pick up speed. Try not to get low and slow. Use the sharp turning ability and fast roll at high speed to drop in on your target swiftly. Go clean after your turn and zoom climb back up to altitude. Don't turn too suddenly when you are slow or have a high G load, or you can get a high-speed stall wtih a nasty tendancy to invert. If it does invert if you have any alt just ease off the stick, gently roll out, apply combat flaps (no more than that) and you should regain control quickly. If it inverts when you are low you are probably dead.

That said the P-40 can ride a stall pretty well. If you have to you can keep turning and turning especially if you are able to stay at 110% power (so be conservative with your engine management!) just remember to level out and build speed /alt back up as soon as you can get away with it..

This was actually one of the worst P-40 variants historically, in terms of power-to-weight, performance etc. it is distinctly inferior to the Merlin Engined P-40F/L or the much more ubiquitous P-40N which had 1360 hp! But it is the only late -model P-40 in the game and in Il2 it's actually quite good. Think of it as a more robust, powerful "poor mans spitfire".

German & Italian planes
Flown right, the P-40M basically owns the 109F,G, and K co-E. You can out-turn all of them almost all the time, your roll is similar to better depending on your speed (you roll better going faster) your power is suprisingly good and you can catch them in a dive and often even in a strait run unless they have a lot of E, and your good zoom climb will allow you to keep up with them even in vertical turns. Very good 109 drivers will use a scissors to force you to overshoot, this is dangerous especially if they have buddies around. If they are doing that it's best to get as many hits as you can and break off for another pass before your speed drops too much. Otherwise turn aggressively into them and stick to their tail until you get close enough to blow them away.

If they get on your tail bank hard and stick with it, you'll usually get behind them, particularly if you have decent E going into it. If you have the opportunity do nose-down vertical turns. Don't rely too much on your sustianed turn to save you though. Good 109 drivers will manage E very well and with the boost, acceleration and flaps settings the 109 can keep turning a long time so some guys will be able to out-turn you once in a while, depending on your initial E state, it's better to force them to make a lot sharp turns with direction changes after that first turn, using your roll, they will start to stall and be forced to level out... and then you got 'em.

You can get away from a 109 if you have altitude by diving steeply, and then rolling and turning when your speed is high, their controls lock up a bit at high speed.

I generally avoid head-ons with 109s unless I can line-up faster and I'm very confident of shooting first. The nose-guns are heavier and they can knock you out easily. On the other hand your guns have a high ROF and you can mess them up pretty quick too.

If they have a big alt advantage keep your speed up, turn hard when they dive on you, and they will generally be within your reach within one pass. Watch out for group tactics with 109s. The Italian C.202 and C.205 are basically very similar opponents to the 109, except they climb even better but aren't quite as fast.

Against 190s, definiately avoid head-ons if at all possible. if you catch them co-E they are doomed, but that wont happen often and have to be careful of the Bnz. They retain E so well and they love coming up behind when you are on the tail of a 109. Don't chase them if you don't have a big E advantage, but if they dive and you are near co-E, dive on them, they will pull ahead a bit but you will catch them when they pull up. Fw 190s have terrific roll at high speeds so good drivers will change direction as you converge to make you overshoot. Use your steep initial bank turns (with flaps) but go 'clean' as soon as they break off and go back after them. If they succumb to temptation and try to turn with you, they are yours.

Zero and Ki-43
I find the Japanese fighters more challenging than the German fighters. You can get them but you can't make any mistakes. The most important thing is not to fight them at low altitude unless you have a major advantage, if they catch you low and you end up outnumbered, you are basically doomed. Even if you drop in behind one zero he can turn the tables on you very quickly, and if you have no alt to play with, you have no options at that point except to hope the A6m driver is a pacifist or out of ammo. As a general rule I try not to fight zeros unless I have at least 1000 meters of altitude bare minimum. 2000 meters is better.

The good news is contrary to popular belief, you can turn with them if you have some alt, and you can run away if things go wrong which is huge.

To dogfight them Using the classic p-40 nose-down vertical turn tactic. When they are swinging around in a steep bank turn cut inside them with a yo-yo (i.e. dive and cut the 'chord') they won't do this themselves because their control surfaces lock up a bit at higher speeds. When they try nose-up vertical turns your zoom climb will allow you to folllow them so long as you retain E. Basically you will have a slight advantage this way for the first 30 -40 seconds or so, so make the most of it. If you get any chance to shoot, deflection or otherwise, shoot. I even try long range shots sometimes when they are running, 400-500 meters. A few hits can dramaically reduce that fantastic maneuverability or damage their engine. Use your combat flaps to pull lead but quickly go clean again the second you don't need them.

So you can dogfight, but, if they get on your tail you have very little chance of shaking them, unless you can get them to overshoot. However...

...if they start to get the better of you and you have a little alt, just go 'clean' raising your flaps & closing your radiator, firewall the throttle to 110%, split-S and dive away steeply at full power. You'll have to really pour on the coal to get away from the A6M5, it is not a slow plane. But if you can get your speed up to 540 kph before you get to sea level you will probably get away and they will break off. Then you can zoom climb back up and swing around for another try at them with plenty of E.

I do reccomend accepting head-on duels with zeros, you have faster ROF and they are relatively fragile, but they do have those 20mm cannon so don't try unless you can line up before they are within 500 meters. After convergance use that split S turn to swing around toward them and you'll often get right on their tail.

If you have a partner or a squad mate, fighting zeros is much easier, and you actually have an advantage. Working with a wingman you can use the 'Thach Weave' system the Navy invented for Wildcats. According to Gregory Boyingtons autobiography, this was also used with P-40s in the AVG against Ki-27s and Ki-43s. Basically if you get in trouble, you and your partner turn into each other in a kind of a scissors, if an enemy gets on your tail your buddy gets on his. Here your good roll, superor durability and speed will really come into play. You can get them with snap shots etc.

The Ki-43 is very similar to the zero but it's slower, and has no cannon. it is a bit more maneuverable but is generally an easier target than a zero. The Ki-61 is essentially like a slower less heavily armed Me 109G.

Ok thats enough for now, next time I'll discuss the P-40B / Hawk 81 / Tomahawk (same plane)[/color]


Lo hizo el Bigdummy que se aparece a veces en el Valor. Too el merito es de el.

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