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Pilotos en TS3

No Guts No Glory (Resumen o abstract)

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No Guts No Glory (Resumen o abstract)

Mensaje  Kraken el Miér Nov 10 2010, 13:37

-En ingles:

1. The element of two aircraft is your most effective basic fighting team. When the fight is over, you will be coming home in two's about 90% of the time.
2. Two elements represents your most effective fighting unit - the flight.
3. If enemy aircraft are anywhere in the area, get rid of external tanks as soon as empty.
4. When in doubt in a dogfight, trade airspeed for altitude.
5. Two good aerial training fights a week are minimum number necessary to stay in practice. If you aren't fighting the enemy, practice among yourselves.
6. Never continue turning with another aircraft you are unable to track him with your sight. Pull up immediately and keep your nose behind his tail. If he pulls up, you'll always end up on top because of your attacking speed.
7. If, by using speed brakes, you can drift into the radius of turn of the aircraft you are attacking, do it in preference to the yo yo maneuver. It takes less time to get your kill and you don't run the risk of being out-maneuvred by the aircraft you are attacking. What you are leary about is slowing down and thus subjecting yourself to attack. You are at your opponent's airspeed either way and for less time if you use your speed brakes properly. Obviously, the combat area is no place to experiment with this theory. Don't waste your flying time - practice!
8. Cruise at a high Mach.
9. Look around; you can't shoot anything until you see it.
10. Keep the aircraft you are attacking in sight. One glance away is enough to make you kick yourself for ten years.
11. Generally speaking, have an element high and fast when you slow down to maneuver. If you are trying to snip one up in the traffic pattern, you'll find it difficult at best with all the flak. Don't make the job harder by leaving yourself open for a bounce by the always present enemy CAP flights.
12. Attack from low and behind whenever possible. That's a fighter's poorest visibility area.
13. If you have an enemy aircraft in front, assume there is one behind; there usually is.
14. Know the performance data on all aircraft you are apt to be fighting.
15. Know your "Big Three." Be familiar with the glide characteristics, air-start procedures and fuel consumption at altitude at idle RPM. If you are attacked on the way home, you may need all three to make it back safely.
16. Assume every pilot you meet is the world's best (you can swallow your pride that long) and maneuver your aircraft accordingly until he shows you he is not.
17. Don't shoot unless you're positive it's an enemy aircraft. When it's time to fire, you'll know if it's an enemy aircraft or not. If you can't tell, you are out of range.
18. There are three distinct phases in destroying another aircraft in the air:
a. Maneuvring - 85%
b. Positioning the pipper - 10%
c. Firing and adjusting the burst - 5%
75% of all the lost kills are the result of attempting phase (b) and (c) before phase (a) has been adequatly solved.
19. Guts will do for the skill but not consistently. Know your job in combat or someone else will be flying in your place.
20. Shut up on the radio; if it doesn't concern everyone, get on another channel.
21. Play on the team - no individualists. The quickest way to be an element leader is to be the best wingman in the Squadron.
22. When in doubt - attack!
23. Learn the value and the proper procedure for hamonization.
24. Divide the enemy and conquer. It is very difficult even for the best pilots to work mutual support tactics in high speed jet aircraft. If you can split the tactical formation of the enemy, more often than not his mutual support efforts against you will be ineffective.
25. One last work before you set out to be the next jet ace - no guts, no glory. If you going to shoot him down, you have to get in there and mix it up with him.

- No guts no glory manual, US Air Force
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