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Pilotos en TS3

Ultra Pack 3.0

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Ultra Pack 3.0

Mensaje  Athos el Jue Jun 02 2011, 07:55

Cuando esté listo podrán bajarlo desde el siguiente link:



Availability of Ultr@Pack (UP) 3.0 RC has been announced.

Please read before installation.

Note: you will need around 13GB of drive space to perform the installation.

6.2GB for the download of UP 3.0RC
6.2GB for the Installation of UP 3.0RC

Note that the following procedure assumes you are starting at the 4.10.1m. If you have a version earlier than 4.10.1m you need to locate and apply the patches to bring you to the 4.10.1m level before proceeding.

The installation process is as follows:

Install a version of your game patched to version 4.10.1m.
Note that if you have a version lower than 4.10m you can not jump right to 4.10.1m. You must install the 4.10m patch before the 4.10.1m patch.

Optional: make a backup of your "clean" 4.10.1m installation. Details on how to backup your game can be found at the bottom of this page.

Download and install Ultr@Pack version 3.0 RC.

The full installer can be obtained from the following link as a torrent download (highly recommended)

Ultr@Pack 3.0RC Full Torrent - link inactive

You will need a bit torrent client before opening the file at the Full Installer link (above). If you don't already have a bit torrent client give uTorrent a try uTorrent Web Site. After installing a bit torrent client simply download and open the up201.torrent file (in the above link). Once the torrent download is complete open the folder that the Ultr@Pack 3.0 RC install files where store in (in uTorrent this is done by right clicking on the UP30RC entry and select the "Open Containing Folder" menu option). Double click on UP_3.0RC_Client.part01.exe to start the installation process. Use the Change button (in the Choose Destination Location dialog box) to select your IL-2 game folder and continue with the installation.
Check installation files automatically

Download and extract archive in same folder where you have downloaded all 9 parts and run check.bat

Check installation files manually

MD5 sums
4362e27e22fa721f1cd7ca420f8cc62e *UP_3.0_DFServer.exe
41355a6ded04f6574ecb781eb7127a8f *UP_3.0RC_Client.part01.exe
9cdd6df355917a07bf0d4731475b6569 *UP_3.0RC_Client.part02.rar
498a3d55f00045a8bdbd7a8d0e076862 *UP_3.0RC_Client.part03.rar
4f8a03f25a18b2094ef5ab1df2e0086e *UP_3.0RC_Client.part04.rar
762925da77b8b547f74cf34fc86a108b *UP_3.0RC_Client.part05.rar
432ae63aa748d01cd78705022f4401d1 *UP_3.0RC_Client.part06.rar
4d9af0e90700ccbf14acb62e86b9b9d5 *UP_3.0RC_Client.part07.rar
6a3411d2c72cbcf089db92b51ecaf5c1 *UP_3.0RC_Client.part08.rar
f91a1952e2eb1dbe7fdd8436a75e794a *UP_3.0RC_Client.part09.rar
4818f13891e150ca981f8a278ec95cb6 *UP_3.0RC_Client.part10.rar
cdd20e26fd4c9175c406679d2501a26b *UP_3.0RC_Client.part11.rar
784126013a49358668f6d5ea02d815c8 *UP_3.0RC_Client.part12.rar
f8e0a6aaa280ff551043d7f08a032ca4 *UP_3.0RC_Client.part13.rar

Download all nine files into the same folder. Once the download is complete run UltraPack201_Client.exe to start the installation process. Use the Change button (in the Choose Destination Location dialog box) to select your IL-2 game folder and continue with the installation.

I strongly suggest you use the torrent download since it has a far lower possibility of error in the download. It also has a far better stop and resume ability. If you don't already have a torrent client give uTorrent a try (uTorrent Web Site)

If you have a Direct 2 Drive (downloaded) version of IL-2 you will need to install the SAS D2D Patch. Available at SAS D2D Patch

Note: Unlike earlier releases which contained both client and server installers this release is only for the game client. Installation of Ultr@Pack 3.0RC on a server consists of installing the client files (as detailed above) followed by running the server setup/configuration program. The server setup/configuration program is available in te torrent download also.

Additional information

Information on Updating and Restoring your game via UltraPack Update and Restore can be found here UP Update and Restore

The following procedure details the steps to create a backup copy of your IL-2 FB game installation. Having a backup copy will save you time in the future if your working version of IL-2 gets corrupted.
Select My Computer from the Start menu.
Open your C drive.
If the contents of the drive are not displayed select the show files link in the dialog.
Open the Program Files folder. (or Program Files (x86) on 64-bit Vista).
If the contents of this folder are not displayed select the Show the contents of this folder link.
Open the Ubisoft folder.
Select (single click, not double click, don’t open) the IL-2 Sturmovik 1946 folder.
Select Copy from the Edit menu.
Select Paste from the Edit menu.

At this point you should have a folder called "Copy of IL-2 Sturmovik 1946" which contains a backup copy of your IL-2 Game files.

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